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15-60W Medical AC-DC PCB-Mount Güç Kaynağı
 Genel Özellikler :
  • 90-264VAC 47-440Hz or 120-370VDC
  • Medical certifications at 5000m
  • I/O isolation 4KVAC, 2 x MoPP
  • Low off-load power draw
  • Class II (no ground needed)
Designed for medical and industrial applications that require robust, encapsulated, lightweight and compact power supplies, these sealed KMSA supplies resist dust, and humidity. The series is available in 15W, 30W and 60W power levels, with single output models covering the most common voltage combinations. The Class II double insulated construction allows the product to be operated without an earth ground connection
Key Market Segments & Applications
KMSA Datasheet
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