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Rectifier & Power Factor Correction Modules
Genel Özellikler :
  • Low Profile
  • 0.95 Power Factor
  • EN60555-2 Compliant
  • Output Enable Signal
  • Inverter Good Signal
  • N+I Redundancy
  • 750 or 1500 Watt Max Output Power
Key Market Segments & Applications
One solution to non standard power requirements is to use high efficiency, board mounted power modules. The PF series of AC-DC converters can be used to provide rectification and power factor correction, delivering 360Vdc to individual DC-DC converters. Available in two power levels, the PF500A-360 can support up to 756W and the PF1000A-360 up to 1,512W at high line. Modules can be connected in parallel for higher power levels.
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