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350W Tek Çıkışlı Medical & ITE AC-DC Güç Kaynağı
Genel Özellikler
  • Geniş giriş çalışma aralığı (85-265vac)
  • IEC60601 3rd Ed. (2x MoPP)
  • 350W Convection cooled rating
  • Low profile (40 mm)
  • Low off-load power draw (<0.5W)
  • 5V Aux & 12V fan supply (F-option)
  • Operating altitude up to 5000m

Key Market Segments & Applications
Rated at 350W with convection cooling, the medical and ITE certified CUS350M is ideal for applications where audible noise cannot be tolerated, including hospital, dental, broadcast and professional audio equipment. With efficiencies of up to 94%, the CUS350M meets the ErP Directive and consumes <0.5W in standby mode. The preferred “/F” suffix models have a 5V 0.5A standby output, an auxiliary 12V 0.3A output, remote sense, remote on/off and an isolated DC good signal.
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